About LivingWell

LivingWell was created by Frank Corcoran to provide a wellness center that offered the best in massage therapy, acupuncture and spa services. Initially focusing on pain relief, LivingWell has grown from a handful of practitioners to a wellness center with over 20 highly skilled therapists, acupuncturists and estheticians.

Although pain relief remains a top priority for many of our clients, we have seen a tremendous growth in requests for relaxation modalities. We continually expand our staffing and services to meet the needs of our community of clients.

We believe that we can help you to slow your life down and provide a space that is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. We believe that we can create such a restful place for you that you will experience what it feels like to be ‘LivingWell’.

Therapeutic Bodywork with owner, Frank Corcoran

Frank’s reputation as one of the most respected bodyworkers in the area is well earned. Frank has been a Massage Practitioner for over 27 years. His education began at the Myotone Institute and continued on to include certification in Myofacial Release, Touch for Health, Reiki II, Saint Johns Neuromuscular Therapy, Pilates mat work, Somatic movement training, and TAGteach certification. His latest training was with Harman Myers D.O. in the gentle and effective technique of Strain-Counter Strain. Frank regularly receives referrals from medical doctors looking to provide their patients with the elevated level of alternative pain relief and relaxation. Frank specializes in working with people who suffer from chronic pain due to injury or long-term issues.

His systemized approach “LivingWell Bodywork” combines Massage Therapy with gentle movement and centering/strengthening techniques such as Pilates. Frank trains all LivingWell therapists to ensure consistent care throughout the practice. Frank’s gentle manner and ability to communicate with people in pain has been of tremendous benefit to many.

“Over the past 13 years I’ve tried many different treatments, approaches, and therapists to deal with, originally, a bulging disc and then with Fibromyalgia (a muscle syndrome) that went undiagnosed for four years. Several friends encouraged me to see Frank Corcoran. I’ve now been seeing Frank for several years and the strides I have made have been tremendous. Frank has an innate sense of where the root of a problem is, not just the superficial manifestation, of how to treat it, and which approach to treatment is the best for a particular person. I think the best way to describe Frank is simply to say that he is truly gifted.” –Jeanie S.


LivingWell Bodywork

LivingWell Bodywork is a team approach designed by Frank Corcoran for pain relief and stress relief. A 30 minute private session with Frank is combined with a customized 60 minute massage by a LivingWell therapist. This session is often the choice for those who are in need of private care and also desire the rest and relief of traditional massage. Read more...

For many 30 minutes of Therapeutic Bodywork with Frank is just enough. The 60 minute massage that follows is customized by Frank to meet your needs. This format of Therapeutic Bodywork followed by massage will help your body to heal and your mind to rest.

“I showed up at LivingWell after a long night of almost constant back spasms. The team was immediately sympathetic and got me right in. With no notice, but seeing my distress, Frank jumped in to begin my treatment.

I was in awe of Frank's knowledge and understanding of my pain. He was able to immediately remove the tension and significantly reduce my pain. Frank helped me to reshape the way I think about my back pain, but also to understand the pain, why it happens, how to stop it, and the emotions surrounding the back spasms that can cause more tension.

Frank's masseuse, Shannon, who finished up my appointment, had me relaxing to the point that I caught myself almost drooling.

Had it not been for Frank and his team, I would probably have spent my winter vacation crying and lying on hard floors, icing and whining. Instead, I was able to ski, bike, use an elliptical trainer and go dancing!” –Marjorie N.