Help return your body to its natural pain-free state of joy and relaxation.

The top 10 reasons people do Acupuncture

Joint Pain/Inflammation
Cravings (sugar, tobacco, etc.)
Back Pain

Immune System Deficiencies
Asthma/ Allergies
Sleep Disorders
Neck Pain

"After my fourth acupuncture visit, my stress has decreased and each day is new. I wake up in the morning refreshed and rested. The swelling in my body has been going down. My muscles continue to relax and release tension. I have more energy and my mind is less clouded." – Niki S.

“I scheduled an acupuncture appointment with Shaun with the hopes of inducing labor (I was 3 days overdue). Shaun was very nice, and great at explaining what-was-what. It was my first acupuncture treatment ever, and though it was a little "intense" at times, I have to say it was worth it. I had my appointment on Saturday morning, went into labor Sunday night and had my baby midday on Monday- can't complain about those results!” – Colleen K.

Private acupuncture sessions are ideal for addressing complex medical issues, pain relief as well as for reducing stress and achieving optimal wellness. Appointments take place in a private room with soft lighting, relaxing music and a heated bed. Private sessions may also incorporate: Moxibution and Cupping Therapy

30 min | 50
60 min | 89
90 min | 133

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