Therapeutic Massage

All Massage Treatments are customized to meet the specific needs of each individual.

* Our most popular massage treatments

* Signature Deep Tissue Massage

Muscle Pain. Fatigue. Chronic Pain
Our most popular treatment. This choreographed massage uses multiple deep tissue techniques to relieve pain and stress.
60 min | $89 • 90 min | $133 • 120 min | $178

* Signature Swedish Relaxation Massage

Mental Fatigue. Relaxation. Stress Relief
A fluid and flowing massage that will draw you into a state of bliss and well-being.           
60 min | $89 • 90 min | $133 • 120 min | $178

Craniosacral Therapy

Neck Pain. Headache. TMJ
Releases pressure in the head, neck and jaw allowing improved quality and comfort of sleep.
30 min | $50 • 90 min | $89

Myofascial Release

Fibromyalgia. Acute Pain. Highly Sensitive
Gentle Swedish relaxation techniques combined with light stretching improves muscle and fascia flexibility and increases blood flow.
60 min | $89 • 90 min | $133

Oncology Massage

Reduce Pain. Improve Coping. Enhance Quality of Life
Modified massage therapy techniques that are non-demanding on the body, to safely work with those currently suffering from cancer or those in recovery.
30 min | $50 • 60 min | $89 • 90 min | $133

Pre/Postnatal Massage

Mother-to-be. New-Mom
Nurturing and relaxing treatment to ease low back pain and common discomforts experienced with pregnancy.
30 min | $50 • 60 min | $89 • 90 min | $133


Plantar Fascitis. Arthritis
Promotes good health and prevents illness by stimulating Pressure points on feet and hands while relieving pain commonly found in ankles and feet. 30 min | $50

Sports Massage

Sports Related Injury. Highly Active Body
Enhance athletic performance while reducing recovery time using deep tissue massage techniques combined with stretching.
60 min | $79 • 90 min | $118

Couples Massage

Share the experience with a special someone. Each client enjoys the service of their choice in a quiet, comfortable and relaxing setting for two. Option to add treatment enhancements to the session for an additional fee. Call to schedule this appointment type. Two hour appointments upon request. 90 min | $292

Thai Massage 

Thai massage, often referred to as the “quiet dance”. You are a peaceful partner in a series of stretches, acupressure points and reflexology. The outcome is a state of relaxation and quiet energy within.
60 min | $79 • 90 min | $118

Nature's Remedies for Pain Relief and Stress

Organic, all-natural tools provided by nature used to enhance your massage experience.

Warm Bamboo Fusion Massage

Heated bamboo combined with fluid massage gently coaxes your body back to its natural state of calmness and balance.
90 min | $154

Warm Stone Massage

Combining deep penetrating heat and luxurious massage, warm stones are nestled into your muscles for the ultimate healing benefit.
90 min | $154 • 120 min | $199

Energetic Healing Therapies


Reduce Pain. Improve Coping. Enhance Quality of Life.
Spiritually guided technique, helps to alleviate problems of energy flow on the physical, emotional and spiritual level.
60 min | $50 • 90 min | $89


Holistic healing system that releases unwanted tension stress and pain through pressure points and energy pathways of the body.
60 min | $89 • 90 min | $133

Treatment Enhancements

LW Signature Foot & Leg Reviver
Re-energize and revive achy, tired feet and lower legs. An invigorating foot scrub and luxurious warm organic soy wrap hydrates and smoothes the skin. A tension relieving massage leaves you feeling restored and balanced. Add to any treatment for an additional 30 minutes or schedule as a separate service. $60

Organic Warm Soy Wrap
Ease muscle tension from your body with deep penetrating heat while hydrating dry, chapped hands and feet.
Hand Wrap | $15Foot Wrap | $15Combined | $25

Essential Oils
Customized formulas of essential oils that deeply moisturize the skin, enhance muscle relief and soothe the mind. $10

Massage + Facial Combination
Leave feeling relaxed and beautiful. Maximize your relaxation time when you combine 30 minutes of focused massage work followed by a customized facial treatment.