Community Acupuncture Returns!

Affordable treatment in a comfortable, shared setting.

Community Room

Regular sessions are only $40 ($35 for Seniors and Veterans.)  Now, through 3/31/2018 you can visit for only $30/session!

Community acupuncture clinics represent a return to tradition. Community acupuncturists focus on using “distal” points (below the knee and elbow, and on the head and neck) so that patients can remain fully clothed during treatment. 

Acupuncture is effective treatment for a wide variety of ailments - from musculoskeletal problems such as sports or work injuries to more serious acute or chronic health issues that include anything from allergies and diabetes to hormonal and reproductive irregularities. Acupuncture helps boost ones immunity, and it works remarkably well to releases stress and tension by promoting the free flow of energy throughout the body. 

Please call the office at 978.740.9355 to schedule your community acupuncture time; please note, our community acupuncture room is located up a flight of stairs on the second floor  

With Holly Shuman, Licensed Acupuncturist

Tue 2:00pm - 8:00pm      Sat 9:00am-3:00pm

Holly is a warm and nurturing acupuncturist, with extensive internships at Boston Medical Center, Shattuck Hospital and Malden Family Clinic.  She has ongoing training and experience with condition such as stroke, PTSD, facial rejuvenation, arthritis and pediatrics.

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