Acupuncture restores energy flow and balance, relieving conditions ranging from joint pain and inflammation, to stress/anxiety, asthma and allergies, sleep disorders, cravings, and infertility. It is a form of centuries-old Chinese medicine based on the concept of energy (“Ch’i” or “Qi”) flowing through your body along meridians or pathways. Our skilled acupuncturists place very thin needles into your skin at specific points on your body to unblock and redirect your ch’i. At LivingWell, we offer acupuncture as an important part of treatment services.

Private Acupuncture
Private acupuncture sessions are ideal for addressing pain relief, stress reduction and addressing complex medical issues. Appointments take place in a private room with soft lighting, relaxing music and a heated bed. 
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60 minutes | 89
90 minutes | 133