Frank Corcoran

LivingWell was created by Frank Corcoran to provide a wellness center that offered the best in massage therapy, acupuncture, and spa services.

Frank’s reputation as one of the most respected bodyworkers in the area is well earned. Frank has been a Massage Practitioner for over 27 years. His education began at the Myotone Institute and continued on to include certification in Myofacial Release, Touch for Health, Reiki II, Saint Johns Neuromuscular Therapy, Pilates mat work, Somatic movement training, and TAGteach certification. His latest training was with Harman Myers D.O. in the gentle and effective technique of Strain-Counterstrain. Frank regularly receives referrals from medical doctors looking to provide their patients with the elevated level of alternative pain relief and relaxation. Frank specializes in working with people who suffer from chronic pain due to injury or long-term issues.

"I work in partnership with you in relieving your pain and creating a more fluid, powerful and joyful way of moving.  You will feel younger and more vibrant as the pain and stiffness that have become part of your daily life are replaced by the easier movement that we remember from our youth," Frank explains. “You’ll have an active role and gain new habits that will serve to keep you moving with ease.  Favorite activities become fun again -- go for a walk, be able to work at your computer without pain, play with your kids, and do the things you love without it requiring herculean effort or intolerable discomfort.” 

“When we eliminate symptomatic pain, your ability to heal is faster, your mobility increases, and the sense of hopelessness that comes with chronic pain diminishes. Very quickly, a turnaround occurs, in which the things you thought were permanent about your body and well being are not. Many people experience this in just a few sessions.”

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